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WinLock Professional is intended to improve computer protection
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WinLock Professional is intended to improve computer protection and is especially useful when you share your machine with other users. This utility has a quite intuitive interface and there’s also very instructive documentation to help you find your way. Nevertheless, I don’t think it’s appropriate for inexperienced users, who might end up making a mess of the system.

To start using the program, you need a master password to control overall access to its features. Fortunately, there’s a password generator, which helps you find a really strong access key. Additionally, you can use a USB drive as a hardware key. The program can restrict access to some system options and features that may compromise your security, including Windows Explorer, Start Menu, Windows Update, Task Manager and Control Panel. Moreover, it can also stop other users from changing your password or running program as system administrator. It’s also possible to hide selected drives and block access to portable storage devices as well. And not only that, it can prevent the access to specific folders and even encrypt individual files. As to the Internet access, this program can make your surfing experience safer by blacklisting certain sites or redirecting to other pages.

One of its most useful features is the timer, which allows you to set a specific time when the system will automatically shut down or lock. It can also prevent access to your computer based on given time conditions. Luckily, the program can be managed remotely, so you don’t need to sit in front of your computer. Besides, it can keep a log of user activity, according to specific rules.

All in all, WinLock Professional is an excellent computer protection tool. Believe me, these I have mentioned are just a few of its features, so you’ll probably be very satisfied with it. Luckily, it also allows setting specific restrictions to each type of user account. My advice is that this program really deserves a try.

Pedro Castro
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  • It has a nice interface
  • It comprises a great deal of features.´
  • It allows applying restriction on a per account basis
  • You can use a USB drive as a hardware key


  • It’s inappropriate for inexperienced users
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