WinLock Professional

WinLock Professional 9.03

WinLock is comprehensive security software for computers

If in need of a versatile and comprehensive PC protection tool you can rely on, WinLock Professional offers an integral solution to protect your computer, Windows system, and your incoming and outcoming connections. Its flexibility allows you to define user-based security profiles and protect your entire system component by component.

This high level of granularity is probably what strikes you first when you launch WinLock for the first time and start browsing its menu options. Divided into four main categories – General, System, Internet, and Access – this PC protection tool offers you specific protection settings for your Explorer, Windows OS, Start Menu, taskbar, mouse, keyboard, and even your drives, which can be hidden from sight just by ticking them off.

Thus, you can tick those keys, key combinations, and mouse buttons that you wish to block in order to avoid unwanted access to your data, hide options from the Start Menu, lock the taskbar, hide tray items, and even lock hidden icons to prevent visitors from getting to your most sensitive information. Your Windows explorer and the windows themselves can also be protected separately to hide or disable specific menu options and commands.

When it comes to surfing the Web, WinLock Professional offers specific security settings for your Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers (it is a pity that Firefox or Opera are not specifically supported), and the possibility of creating white and black lists for trusted and restricted sites, respectively.

Finally, this comprehensive utility also comes with some really useful tools – a password generator, a LockBox to encrypt and lock away your most sensitive data, and a screen capture tool that you can set to take screenshots of your desktop at a given interval to find out if anyone has been sneaking into your computer while you ware away.

WinLock Professional is not just a password-based PC protection tool – this extremely flexible and versatile utility can help you enhance the level of security of your sensitive data on a component by component basis. Its user-based protection settings guarantee that everyone that logs in into your computer enjoys just the level of security they need.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Covers all Windows and Internet sensitive areas
  • Includes a password generator
  • Offers security settings for each user
  • Can be administered remotely
  • Comes with a LockBox to encrypt and protect your files
  • Hides your drives


  • Includes specific browser security settings for IE and Chrome only
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