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WinLock Professional 8.0

Protect your Windows PC from any unauthorized access in a flexible way
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There are tools to protect your PC from unauthorized access, tools to control how your young ones access the Internet, tools to configure which Windows features are left open to all users, and then there’s WinLock Professional. This all-in-one utility covers all of those functions and then some, including system restrictions, Start Menu configuration, guest passwords, remote control, and a number of other features that are for you to discover.

The program’s interface is neatly structured into various sections – General, System, Internet, Access, and Timer. Though some of the features in these sections might belong to more than one category, navigating and finding your way around all the functions provided won’t take you more than a couple of minutes. My advice is that you go through all the sections and subsections available and check all those boxes that you think will help you protect both your hardware and software programs from unwanted access. Actually, this is an operation that – typically – you will only have to go through once. You can always make any minor adjustments later as users and/or usage change.

This professional version includes all the functionality available for WinLock users plus a number of extra features that do make a real difference. Thus, WinLock Professional allows for different profiles for different users/accounts, useful for network environments. You can create USB-based authentication keys, and provide guest passwords to specific users so that they don’t need to know the master password to unlock your PC. As mentioned, specific parental controls have also been added regarding access to specific pages or site categories. You can also lock specific files and folders, flash drives and other removable devices, and password-protect programs and apps. Besides, it comes with specific browser restrictions for Internet Explorer users, a feature that I’m sure that Firefox, Chrome, or Opera users would love to be able to use in their favorite browsers. Despite its support for Windows 10, it doesn’t seem to offer the same browser-based settings for Edge, the newest Microsoft web browser.

The high level of flexibility and the wide array of features and functions provided is probably the program’s best asset. By using them wisely, you’ll be able to provide custom access to each potential user, thus making sure that all of them have exactly the type of access they require. WinLock Professional might easily become the only tool you’ll ever need to protect your hardware and software tools from unauthorized use.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers flexible restrictive options
  • Includes settings for effective parental control
  • Includes a secure password generator
  • Prevents the unauthorized installation of new software
  • Special features for removable devices


  • Browser restriction options are limited to Internet Explorer
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